This is my Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program experience. Statement... was created using digital stills and video I took over the course of one year while living and working in Kitakyushu City, Southern Japan.

Places change, seasons change, people change, feelings change.

Music by Mogwai: "Killing All the Flies" from their album "Happy Songs for Happy People".

This project is dedicated to all JET Program participants as well as others who have taught and lived in Japan.

Independent Selection: Pro Varsovia Film Association's 2005 "Jutro Filmu" (the Future of Film) festival in Warsaw, Poland.

Shown as part of the opening ceremonies to the 2005 JET Program Returnees' Conference in Yokohama, Japan.

I created a DVD for this project, which includes a spoken word track by T. Dion Burns, a commentary track, additional footage containing the original clips from the music video and an easter egg that shows a rough concept of the video. This was made for friends and family and is not for sale.